Procurement Process

What We Do

From supplier strategy development to contract negotiations and e-purchasing solutions, we take the lead on the entire supplier onboarding. Our team assists departments using federal contracts and grants in maintaining compliance to all applicable regulations, and we help the entire organization maintain compliance with all contracting and purchasing regulations. 


Highmark Whole Procurement will contact our suppliers when there is an identified need for a product or service.  We work with our internal Business Partners to develop the scope and desired outcomes (what problem are we trying to solve?). When it is determined that a supplier would best address the needs of our members, we will work with those supplier partners to develop solutions that exceed our expectations.

*Please note we work with our affiliate organization, Highmark, to find and identify synergies and opportunities for efficiency when selecting suppliers to work with Highmark Wholecare.

This information is issued on behalf of Highmark Wholecare, coverage by Gateway Health Plan, which is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Highmark Wholecare serves a Medicaid plan to Blue Shield members in 13 counties in central Pennsylvania, as well as, to Blue Cross Blue Shield members in 14 counties in western Pennsylvania. Highmark Wholecare serves Medicare Dual Special Needs plans (D-SNP) to Blue Shield members in 14 counties in northeastern Pennsylvania, 12 counties in central Pennsylvania, 5 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, and to Blue Cross Blue Shield members in 27 counties in western Pennsylvania.

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